Hi there! My name is David and I like talking about mice. It all started a few years ago when our backyard shed started to become infested with mice. Not only was it disgusting, they were leaving droppings and wrecking the place.

I initially setup a couple traps in hopes that it would eradicate the problem, but it didn’t do anything. I felt like my home was being invaded. A little more research and I became shifting my tactics, to understand what attracts mice, how they act and most importantly, how to get rid of them.

If you’re like me, you want every living thing on your property an invited guest and mice or rats aren’t invited. They destroy property, get into food and can be dangerous to pets and humans.

I have this website to document what I’ve learned and want to share this knowledge to any one listening. It is an embarrassing problem to have to explain, so get your house in order!