What does it mean when you dream about mice?

Dreams are stories that our subconscious mind writes. When we fall asleep and our thinking, conscious brain rests, our subconscious takes over. Our dreams, then, are a reflection of the feelings, emotions, and energies occurring in our subconscious mind.

That’s why our dreams can take so many different shapes and forms. One night you may dream about a beautiful, beach vacation and the next night you may have a nightmare about an apocalyptic world. And since we can’t pick and choose our dreams, you never what the subconscious mind will throw out on a given night.

With all that in mind, let’s address the question at hand. What do dreams about mice mean? Let’s dive in.

Dreams about mice

Have you had a dream about mice? Very generally speaking, having dreams about mice indicates fear, meekness, insignificance, or a lack of assertiveness. However, there are many types of dreams about mice that you can have, and each type means something slightly different than the other. Let’s discuss a few of the main types.

**Pro tip: the more you can remember about your dream about mice, the better. Because our dreams often fade quickly upon waking up, it can be extremely helpful to write down all that you can remember about it as soon as you wake up.**

Dreams about mice can be categorized into the following: dreams about actions toward mice, dreams about an animal eating a mouse, dreams about mouse locations, dreams about mouse actions, dreams about mouse appearances, dreams about colors of mice, dreams about catching mice, and dreams about other mouse related themes. This may seem like a lot, and it is, but by identifying the specific type of mouse dream that you had, you can learn much more about the meaning of the dream.

For the most part, most people who have dreams about mice do so because of some type of negative emotion/feeling/energy. For example, to dream about catching mice indicates that you need to deal with a problem that you have ignored or neglected for a long time. Also, another example is that having dreams about giant mice may indicate that the minor annoyances you have to encounter in your life are getting bigger and more serious. By letting certain small things be, they have now probably grown into major issues that you can no longer ignore.

On the other hand, you can certainly have positive dreams about mice, as well. For example, a very spiritual, grounded person who welcomes and appreciates the presence of mice in his/her home may have a positive—or even profound—dream about mice. This type of person, as a result of their highly positive and spiritual energy, will have a much less cluttered subconscious mind. Therefore, their dream will more often than not reflect their positive feelings/emotions/energies than their negative ones.

In the most broadest terms, a dream about a mouse or mice will often signify the need to remove yourself from your everyday routine, think about the things that are most important to you, and think about how you can cultivate those things. It is very insightful to think about how much time you actually spend doing those things. If you’ve been neglecting the things that really matter to you because you’ve been spending way too much time on trivial things, one simple dream about a mouse could help wake you up and focus you on what’s really important to you.

If you notice that you’ve been seeing a mouse or mice in your dream frequently, you should ask yourself if there are any issues in your life that you are not able to overcome. Repetitive dreams, especially ones of mice in dreams, often indicate obstacles in your life that need more attention.

When you see a mouse in your dream?

Interestingly enough, seeing a mouse in your dream hold different significance than seeing multiple mice. Dreams about mice usually symbolize minor things and inconveniences in your life that consume too much of your time, while a dream about one singe mouse usually symbolizes some type of fear that you have (it doesn’t have to be a fear involving mice).

For example, to dream about a mouse feeding or eating cheese could indicate that you fear that someone is trying to bring down your self-confidence. You might fear that a coworker, friend, or family member is trying to bring you down, which will, in turn, increase the likelihood of you having similar types of dreams in the future.

What does it mean when you dream about a mouse in your house?

The location of mice or a mouse in your dream can also be quite revealing. Unsurprisingly, when you have mouse dreams, the mice in your dreams are usually located inside a house. The house doesn’t necessarily have to be yours, and it doesn’t actually have to be a house (it can be an apartment, hotel room, etc).

Seeing mice or a mouse in a house or other type of dwelling could suggest that someone is stealing from you right under your nose. Take careful note of weak-minded individuals who you think are harmless. While they may come off as friendly, funny, and even genuine, they might be gradually nibbling away at your assets and wealth (both physical and mental wealth).

It’s also common to dream about mice or a mouse that’s inside of a burrowing hole, nest, or small enclosure. These dreams can suggest that you are spending too much time trying to solve small, yet obvious and apparent problems. You might not be looking at the root of the issues or the issues within the greater context of your life. But, these dream could signal that you now realize that the certain hidden problems exist, and that you also now know that they are too small for you to be worrying about at this stage of life.

What does a mouse represent spiritually?

When we talk about a dream (the sleeping kind), there is always an underlying sense of spirituality and the spiritual realm. Mice, on the other hand, don’t possess this same spiritual meaning in most people’s brains. But they should. Mouse symbolism is centered on the idea of having the ability to accomplish anything in life, regardless of your physical size. It is a spirit present in many historical tales and myths and has various meanings (both positive and negative).

The spiritual meaning of mice or a mouse can be represented through regress and underdevelopment. Mice also have a deep connection to the Earth because of their burrowing nature. This makes them intrinsically linked to the Earth the mythical spirit worlds to which they are said to be able to travel through in their tunnels.

In Greek mythology, the mouse is viewed as a sacred being because of its power to adapt to any situation; mice were also seen as prophets of weather.

In Christianity, a mouse is a symbol of lost opportunities and jealousy.

While these have all been positive meanings and symbols, let’s not neglect any negative aspects. Most broadly, the mouse can be seen as an omen of disease and death. 

Mice were crucially involved in devastating plagues and diseases around the world caused by the lack of social hygiene (most notably the Bubonic Plague). Dead mice most strongly indicate that presence of death, disease, and decay. Mice also may symbolize invasion. Their rapid reproductive systems and intrusive nature lead to massive outbreaks and infestations in human occupied spaces, therefore introducing fear, anxiety, and diseases to human populations.

Catching a mouse

Catching a mouse or mice in your dream can actually be a very good sign. It can indicate an increase in your income in the near future, fulfillment of your goals and dreams, or the successful accomplishment of an upcoming task.

In other cases, these dreams may be a reminder that you need to pay attention to your attitude. Your attitude could be inappropriate in some situations, and in these select situations, you might be jeopardizing your reputation, causing others suffering, and/or neglecting the present moment at hand.

Cat catching a mouse

A dream about a cat going after a mouse or mice is unsurprisingly more common with cat owners.

Although cats chase and catch mice in real life, if you have a dream about a cat catching a mouse, or several mice, this usually is a bad sign. It could suggest that other people are interfering in your life and are causing conflicts and arguments.

It could also suggest being wrongfully accused of something you didn’t do and needing to justify yourself. More importantly, however, is whether or not you actually have a cat. If you have these types of dreams but don’t have a cat, this could suggest that you are lazy are going through life without action or accountability.

To deal with problems, such as a mouse problem, requires great concentration, commitment, and endurance. If you expect other people (or animals) to solve your needs and desires, you will never be fulfilled and your problems will always persist.

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