Author: David Brooks

When are mice most active?

Mice are creatures of habit and tend to follow a pretty similar schedule, both daily and yearly. Like all other mammals, their days revolve around eating, sleeping, reproducing, and excreting. The behavior and living patterns of mice may seem complex at first, but fortunately there are only a few key […]

Can you kill mice with salt?

If you have or had a mouse problem in your home, you likely know that rodent poisons are one of the best ways to combat an infestation. And while there are plenty of effective, commercial rodent poisons on the market, could the secret killer be sitting on your kitchen table? […]

Killing mice with toothpaste. Is it possible?

It seems like there are a million different “ways to kills mice.” The truth is, however, most will waste your time and frustrate you. The toothpaste method is different. Using toothpaste to kill mice is highly appealing to homeowners dealing with mice and rats because it’s a common household item […]

Does vinegar repel mice?

While there are many possible reasons for mice to enter our homes, there are also many ways to repel mice. From industry standard methods such as steel wool and traps to natural repellents such as peppermint oil and cayenne pepper, there’s a pest control method for each and every person […]

What does it mean when you dream about mice?

Dreams are stories that our subconscious mind writes. When we fall asleep and our thinking, conscious brain rests, our subconscious takes over. Our dreams, then, are a reflection of the feelings, emotions, and energies occurring in our subconscious mind. That’s why our dreams can take so many different shapes and […]

What does a mice nest look like?

What’s worse than having mice in your home? Having a mice nest. The mice nest is the hub of all mouse infestations. Without it, mice don’t take up shelter in your home. A nest can quickly turn just a few mice into dozens in a matter of a month or […]

Mice in RV Underbelly? – 5 Methods to Be Sure

Mice are notorious for wreaking havoc on our homes. But don’t forgot about vehicles too. RVs, in particular, are especially prone to mice infestations because they often remain stationary for longer periods of time and often contain pantries full of food. Dealing with a mouse problem in your camper can […]