Author: David Brooks

Does Boric Acid Kill Mice?

If you are dealing with a mouse or rat problem, chances are you have at least considered poisons. Poisons are definitely one of the more effective ways to deal with any sort of rodent infestation, but with so many on the market, it can be a challenge to decide which […]

Do Mice Turn Into Rats?

The rat and mouse are notoriously known for be menacing to our homes, but have you ever wondered if your mouse problem could (or did) actually turn into a rat problem? Most people quickly associate rats with dumpsters, alleyways, and sewers, but many often don’t know (or forget) that rats […]

Do Opossums Eat Mice? Friend or Foe?

Many of us have heard dramatic tales and warnings of rabid, diseased opossums. Also called possums, opossums are typically described as foaming at the mouth, hissing, and attacking cats and dogs in their back yards. Opossums just have a terrible reputation all around, but what if we told you that […]

Do Mice Like Peppermint?

Whether or not mice like peppermint is a debate that has been going on for years. Some people swear by peppermint plants and essential oils as an incredibly effective mouse repellant, yet some are non believers. There are constantly new sites and articles popping up that claim to debunk using […]

Do Mice Play Dead?

Believe it or not, mice do occasionally play dead. It’s rare to see a mouse run across your floor, but it’s even more rare to see one play dead. Fortunately, everything you need to know about fake dead mice and real dead mice is laid out in this article. Why […]

Do Mice like Mothballs? Or is it a waste?

Mothballs are one of those common, mouse repellent buzzwords that often pop up in pest control discussions (other related buzzwords you may have heard include peppermint oil and Irish Spring bar soap). But do mothballs actually get rid of mice and keep them away for good? Or are you better […]

What Essential Oils Keep Mice Away?

Have there ever been two more opposite things than mice and essential oils? We’ve all heard the saying “Opposites attract.”, in this situation, however, that is thankfully not true. When used appropriately, many essential oils can actually help to repel mice. Mice have an acute sense of smell which is […]

Do Mice Leave On Their Own?

It’s a perilous world out there for mice. Loathed by humans and chased by prey, the mouse without a home is a mouse searching for one. And once that little mouse finds a spot where he feels safe and well fed, he builds a nest a moves into to his […]

5 Best Ways to Catch Multiple Mice

If you have mice, you need mouse traps, ASAP. It’s as simple as that. Once mice deem your home safe and cozy, they will not leave on their own. A few mice can quickly lead to a large infestation, and an infestation can quickly lead to an even larger, more […]