Mice Facts

When are mice most active?

Mice are creatures of habit and tend to follow a pretty similar schedule, both daily and yearly. Like all other mammals, their days revolve around eating, sleeping, reproducing, and excreting. The behavior and living patterns of mice may seem complex at first, but fortunately there are only a few key […]

What does it mean when you dream about mice?

Dreams are stories that our subconscious mind writes. When we fall asleep and our thinking, conscious brain rests, our subconscious takes over. Our dreams, then, are a reflection of the feelings, emotions, and energies occurring in our subconscious mind. That’s why our dreams can take so many different shapes and […]

What does a mice nest look like?

What’s worse than having mice in your home? Having a mice nest. The mice nest is the hub of all mouse infestations. Without it, mice don’t take up shelter in your home. A nest can quickly turn just a few mice into dozens in a matter of a month or […]

How long can mice live without food?

Mice are known to be scrappy scavengers, but what happens to them when their food sources run dry? Whether you are a pet mouse owner or are a homeowner dealing with a mouse infestation, you will want to know how long your mice can survive without food and water. Keep […]

How Big are Mice? Size Comparison!

In case you didn’t know, mice are small. But don’t let their small figure fool you…they can cause a huge ruckus. Their smallness is also not consistent. Just how small each one is depends on a variety of factors, including their age and species. And while it may seem trivial, […]

Do Rabbits Eat Mice?

Do rabbits eat mice? Do rabbits attract mice? Do rabbits keep mice away? These questions, along others, are inevitably pondered by most pet rabbit owners. Because rabbits are such common household pets and because rodents are such common pests, it’s extra important for pet rabbit owners to be well-versed on […]

Do Mice Eat Bugs? What is their Diet?

If you don’t like mice, chances are you don’t like insects either. They both like to live in our homes, eat our food, and can lead to infestations if not dealt with properly. But, what if mice could get rid of insects? What if mice could cure your insect problem? […]

Do Mice Come Out During the Day?

Having mice in your home is never ideal, particularly because their nocturnal nature means you might not notice their presence for weeks (or even months) after they nest. Yes, mice are nocturnal creatures, but that doesn’t mean that they won’t occasionally venture out during the day. Thus, it’s important to […]