Best Mouse Trap [Our Top 10 Recommendations]

best mouse trap

Having had to deal with mice in both my apartment and house, I’ve learnt a lot about the way traps work. I’ve tested virtually every kind of trap, some with more success than others. I ended up getting professional help, and advice, which not only got rid of the problem, but gave me real insight in to where I’d been going wrong.

I caught my first mouse with a humane trap and after failing with these when I moved, I tested snap traps and baits.

I now have no mice and measures in place to prevent any further infestations and I know exactly what to do if I encounter a mouse again.

Catching mice and getting rid of an infestation isn’t as easy as just putting down traps you like. You have to have the right trap, in the right place, with the right bait.

So let’s first look at some excellent traps which will help you rid your property of mice. These traps have all been tested and have all received excellent reviews.

Our 10 Best Mouse Trap Recommendations

1. Authenzo Humane Mouse Trap 2 Pack

  • Non-toxic
  • No chemicals
  • Safe for use where there are animals or children
  • Re-usable

If you want a humane way to rid yourself of mice, then the Authenzo 2019 Upgrade Version Humane Mouse Trap is an excellent choice. This trap won’t kill any mice, so you can take them away from your home and set them free.

It has been upgraded so it has more air holes, which is kinder to the mice and you don’t have to deal with dead mice. The mice will enter the trap looking for food, and a door will simply close behind it, preventing it from escaping.

It is quick and easy to set up, and as the bait is covered, it is safe to use around animals and children. You can use any bait, and you won’t need poison. The traps can be used both indoors or outside, and you can move them easily if they need to be re-located.

This pack of two can be used over and over again. Simply remove the compartments to clean it, and it is ready for re-use.

Included in the pack are two humane traps and a manual with instructions of how to set it up and tips to catch mice.


2. Victor M154 Metal Pedal Mouse Trap, Pack of 12

  • Wire snap trap
  • No poison needed
  • Re-usable

The Victor M154 Metal Medal Mouse trap is a traditional snap trap, and this pack includes 12 traps. If you have an infestation, this is a great and cost effective way to start clearing out the mice.

While you won’t need to use poison as bait, they should be used with care around animals and children. The snap action is strong enough to kill a mouse, so be careful as it would really hurt a pet or child if they caught it.

The traps can be cleaned and re-used, after disposing of the mouse. They can be set and used anywhere including the home, car, garage or even a motor home or boat.

3. Mice Snap Kill Trap and Power Rodent Killer – 6 Pack

  • Non-toxic
  • No poisons
  • Re-usable
  • Pack of 6

This pack of 6 mouse traps is a good starter set or a great help to rid yourself of an infestation. The Mice Snap Kill Trap and Power Rodent Killer with Bait Cup easy to set up and gets results.

These traps use a snap trap mechanism, which is set by simply opening the trap and clicking it in to place. There are no poisons needed and while they are safe to use around animals and children, care should be taken as they can cause a lot of pain if they snap close.

They are easy to clean so once they have been used they can be reset as many times as you need. They can be used anywhere including around the house, in a garage, a boat or an RV.

The manufacturers are so confident that these traps will work that they even come with a one year warranty. Included with the traps is a user manual to help you get started and provide information about the best places to lay traps.

4. Tomcat Press ‘N Set Mouse Trap, 2-Pack

  • Non-toxic
  • No chemicals
  • Re-usable
  • Pack of 2

The Tomcat Press ‘N Set Mouse Trap is a simple way to start catching mice. The snap trap mechanism is simply clicked in to place so there is less risk of you catching your fingers.

The traps require no poison and can be used with a small amount of food, so there is no danger to animals or children. The spring is strong enough to kill a mouse outright, and the traps can be cleaned and re-used.

You can’t lose with these as they also come with a money back guarantee.

5. AB Traps Pro-Quality Live Animal Humane Trap

  • No-kill trap
  • Non-toxic
  • No poisons
  • Re-usable

For those who prefer not to kill the mice, the AB Traps Pro-Quality Live Animal Humane Trap will help you catch them so you can take them elsewhere.

The metal cage is easy to set up and can be used inside and outside. Simply place the bait inside the trap and set the door. The trap is safe for use around animals and children as there are no snaps to harm them, no poison and no dead mice.

The size of the trap means you can also use it for larger rodents, such as rats.

6. Victor M250S Electronic Mouse Trap – 1 Pack

  • Kill up to 100 mice per charge
  • Non-toxic
  • No poisons
  • Re-usable

The Victor M250S No Touch, No See Upgraded Electronic Mouse Trap is a quick and convenient way to rid yourself of mice.

All you need is 4 x AA batteries and the trap will kill up to 100 mice. There is a removable bait cup, with an indicator telling you when the level is getting low. Once the bait is in place, just turn the unit on. When a mouse enters the unit sends out a high-voltage shock to kill the mouse.

The kill chamber is removable and you don’t have to see or handle the dead mouse. The unit has indicator lights to tell you if there is a mouse inside and warn you when the batteries are getting low.

The trap can be used safely where there are children or animals as there is no danger to them.

7. Victor M310S TIN CAT Live Mouse Trap

  • No-kill trap
  • Catch up to 30 mice at a time
  • Non-toxic
  • No chemicals
  • Re-usable

Another good trap for those who don’t want to kill the mice is the Victor M310S TIN CAT Live Mouse Trap.

This trap is very easy to set, as you just open the lid, place the bait inside and close the lid. It can catch up to 30 mice at a time, and the air holes in the side will keep them alive so you can take them somewhere else.

The trap is safe for use around animals and children, and can be reused as often as you need. The metal construction makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, and there is no need to handle dead mice.

8. Odesos Mouse Trap

  • No-kill trap
  • Catch multiple mice
  • Non-toxic
  • No poisons
  • Re-usable

The Odesos Mouse Trap, Live Catch & Release Bucket Spin Roller is something different, but effective. It is a roller which you place across a bucket. The bait is spread on the roller and as the mice go to eat it, they fall off in to a bucket. You can then take the bucket and move the mice elsewhere.

While it uses no poisons or snaps, it’s a good idea to monitor it around children or animals, to make sure they don’t try to get the mice inside the bucket.

It is easy to set up but you will need boards and a bucket. The roller is placed across the bucket, with a board either side for the mice to run up. The roller can be used as many times as it is needed, and it even comes with a money back guarantee.

9. Victor Power Kill Mouse Trap – 3-Pack

  • Non-toxic
  • No chemicals
  • Re-usable
  • Pack of 3

The Victor Power Kill Mouse Trap M143S is a simple snap trap design. The pack contains 3 traps to get you started. Simply place your bait and pull back the lever to set it.

The snap is powerful enough to kill a mouse first time, but will not seriously injure humans. No poison is needed and the traps can be used more than once if required.

10. T Box Mouse Glue Traps

  • Easy to set
  • No poison
  • Pack of 6

Glue traps are more suitable for areas where poisons or snap traps are not allowed, such as food factories and restaurants. The T Box Mouse Glue Traps come as a set of 6 traps, all scented with peanut butter.

They have a good area for catching the mice and they contain no poisons. They can be used in smaller areas such as underneath sinks and cookers and they can also catch other pests, such as cockroaches and spiders.

The traps are easy to set, and they come with a lifetime guarantee.

Choosing The Best Mouse Trap

There are so many different traps available that it can be hard to decide which is the best one to use. There is no right or wrong trap and most people choose the one they prefer, but there are other things to consider as well.

  • Do you have pets or children? If you do, you need to be careful if you use snap traps.
  • Could you face handling dead mice? Not everyone can and some people prefer no kill traps.
  • Are you looking to place traps inside the house and outside? Most traps can be used outside, but always check before you buy, just in case.

There are obvious differences in how mouse traps work, so let’s look at each one to see how they work and what the advantages are.

Snap Traps

These are a popular choice of mouse trap, because they kill the mice first time. The idea behind a snap trap is that the mouse steps on a pad to get the bait and the trap snaps shut. Many designs are set with one click and they do not use poisons. Peanut butter or seeds make good bait, but care should still be taken if they are used around children or animals. If they get caught in the trap it could cause a painful injury.

snap trapMost snap traps can be cleaned and re-used and the mouse can be released and disposed of by raising the snap. Enclosed snap traps use the same mechanism, but the mouse is caught inside the trap and is kept inside a removable compartment so you don’t have to see it or touch it.


  • Easy to use
  • Quick kill
  • No poison needed
  • No need to touch the dead mouse
  • Cheap to purchase
  • Can be used anywhere


  • You will need to dispose of dead mice
  • Care must be taken around animals and children

Electric Mouse Traps

These traps are quick, efficient and effective. As the mouse enters the chamber the trap releases a powerful electric shock which kills them. Most electric mouse traps need batteries to power them, though some will use electricity, but these can be awkward to place. You must make sure that the batteries are working or the trap will not be effective. Most models have an indicator to let you know if a mouse has been caught and also if the batteries need changing.

electric mouse trapNo poison is needed and bait such as peanut butter can be placed inside to lure the mouse in. Different models have different methods for disposing of the body, but you don’t need to handle the dead mouse. Most models have a removable kill chamber with a flap to release the mouse.

These traps are safe to use around animals and children, as they won’t get a shock from touching the outside.


  • Quick kill
  • Reusable
  • No handling dead mice
  • One charge can kill up to 100 mice
  • Safe for use around animals and children
  • Indicators to show if a kill has been made


  • More expensive than snap traps
  • May not be so effective if the batteries are running down

No-kill / Humane Mouse Traps

These traps are increasingly popular as more and more people don’t like the thought of killing mice. They enter your property looking for food and shelter, so a humane trap allows you to catch them and take them away from your property where they can find what they need to survive elsewhere.

No-kill traps are available for single mice and multiple mice. Small plastic tubes can be set around the home to catch individual mice, or for a larger problem, a metal cage can catch and hold up to 30 mice. No kill traps use no poisons, just food bait and they have air holes in the side to keep the mice alive until they can be relocated.

humane mouse trapThese traps must be checked regularly and when releasing them they must be taken at least 2-3 miles away from your home or they could find their way back.

These traps can be used around animals and children and can be cleaned and re-used as often as required.


  • No dead mice to deal with
  • Safe around animals and children
  • Reusable


  • Can be more expensive than snap traps
  • Mice must be taken 2-3 miles from your property for release

Glue Traps

These are not a popular trap, but in some areas they are the best ones to use. In food preparation areas and hospitals, snap traps may be banned or inappropriate. Glue traps use no poison and can be placed in tight areas such as under stoves and refrigerators.

Glue traps are a big pad with glue on them which traps the mouse and stops it escaping. Most glue traps are scented to attract the mice, but you can still add bait. They do not kill the mice so you will need to find a way to dispose of them.

glue trapA little vegetable oil can release a mouse from the trap, but if you do this it must be done at a safe distance from your property. Otherwise you will need a way to dispose of it yourself. In most cases this involves throwing the trap away with the mouse.

While these traps are technically safe around animals and children, it’s not something we’d recommend. If a mouse is caught, you wouldn’t want your child to come across it.

One big disadvantage of these traps is that dust and dirt can interfere with how effective they are as they can stop the mice from sticking to the pad.


  • Can be used in areas where snap traps are banned
  • No poisons
  • Cheap to buy and use
  • No snapping mechanisms


  • Cannot be re-used
  • They do not instantly kill the mice
  • Dust and dirt can affect the glue
  • Should not be used where children and animals can get to them

General Rodent Trapping Tips

Many people fail to catch mice because the traps are either in the wrong place, or they have been set incorrectly. There are certain things you should, and should not, do before you set the traps.

  • The first thing you need to do is find the right place to set your trap. Look for signs of activity or droppings and always place your trap close to a wall. Mice will stay close to a wall so your trap will be across where they run.
  • Move all food sources out of the way. Place what you can in sealed cupboards or plastic containers. If you leave food out, the mice will be drawn to that and they won’t eat the food in the traps.
  • If you have a mouse problem, you may need more than one trap, so don’t be afraid to set multiple traps.
  • Make sure you use the right bait for the trap you are using. Peanut butter is always a good choice as the smell encourages mice towards it.
  • When setting a trap use gloves. Mice have a very strong sense of smell, and if they smell you on the trap they are likely to avoid it. For the same reason, never pet other animals before you set a trap.
  • If you notice a trap isn’t sitting right because it is warped or bent, replace it.

Most mice are caught the first night, so if you find you’ve not caught any, check your bait and move your traps.

If you have caught mice, don’t touch the bodies with your bare hands. Mice carry parasites and diseases so avoid direct contact. Keep your traps out until you have not caught any mice for a week or so.

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