How Long Does It Take To Kill A Mouse With Poison?

how long does it take to kill a mouse with poison

Not everyone feels comfortable using poison to kill mice, as it can take up to 5 days to take effect and for the mouse to die. If you set your traps up properly, you can rid yourself of an infestation quickly and efficiently.

Mouse poisons are available for bait boxes and in poison packs which can be put down loose, depending on where your mice are and how big the problem is.

Poison packs

These are sealed packs which usually contain poison pellets. They do not need to be opened, so you don’t have the worry of getting poison on to your hands. In fact it’s best that you don’t open the pack and spread the pellets about. The pack is designed so that the mouse will smell the food inside and nibble the pack to get in. This is natural mouse behavior. If you scatter the pellets they could end up anywhere, including where your children play.

Poison packs are very simple to use correctly

To use these:

  • Identify where the mice are active. Look for droppings or places where the mice have gnawed.
  • Don’t use these packs if children or pets use the area. Poison packs are best in attics or outhouses.
  • Put some gloves on. If you handle the packs directly you could transfer your smell on to them and the mice then won’t go near them.
  • Place the packs close to the wall. If they are taken away or nibbled, replace them.

Bait boxes

These are plastic boxes which can be used in areas where there are pets or children, but always use these with caution. The mice will go inside the bait box to get the food, but the entrance isn’t big enough for larger animals to get in.

Disposable bait boxes come sealed with the poison inside, so you don’t have to touch it and are a good choice if you don’t have a big problem. Refillable ones can be used for as long as you need them and are a good choice to prevent further infestations.

To use these:

  • Identify where the mice are active.
  • Put gloves on so you don’t transfer your own smell to the box.
  • If you have a disposable bait box, place it against the wall or fence.
  • If you have a refillable one, open the lid, and place your poison in the bait tray. Then securely click the lid shut.
  • Open the lid to check the bait every few days. Once it stops being taken you know your mice problems will soon be solved.

One big advantage of a refillable bait station is that you can leave it out all year round to stop any further infestations. Change the bait every 6-8 weeks, even if it is not being taken. These can be used both inside and outdoors.

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How long does poison take to work?

The answer to this really lies in how big your problem is but it won’t work overnight.

The mice first need to eat the poison, or if they’re nesting they will take it back to the nest. Once it is eaten it can take 12 hours to 5 days for it to work. If you have a large mouse population, it can take longer. You may find that the poison disappears for a few nights running before you notice there is less activity.

Don’t rely on one dose being enough. You should replace the poison as it is taken until no more is being eaten.

After the poison has been taken

Everyone’s biggest fear when using mouse poison is having to dispose of dead bodies. Thankfully this is less of a problem than you might think. Unfortunately there is no guarantee where the mouse will die, but a lot of the time they choose to die in the nest.

If you do find a dead mouse always pick it up with gloves and dispose of it carefully. If a cat gets it they could be affected by the poison inside the mouse. The amount the mouse will have eaten won’t kill a cat, but it will need a trip to the veterinary surgeon.

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