Author: David Brooks

What Essential Oils Keep Mice Away?

Have there ever been two more opposite things than mice and essential oils? We’ve all heard the saying “Opposites attract.”, in this situation, however, that is thankfully not true. When used appropriately, many essential oils can actually help to repel mice. Mice have an acute sense of smell which is […]

Do Mice Leave On Their Own?

It’s a perilous world out there for mice. Loathed by humans and chased by prey, the mouse without a home is a mouse searching for one. And once that little mouse finds a spot where he feels safe and well fed, he builds a nest a moves into to his […]

5 Best Ways to Catch Multiple Mice

If you have mice, you need mouse traps, ASAP. It’s as simple as that. Once mice deem your home safe and cozy, they will not leave on their own. A few mice can quickly lead to a large infestation, and an infestation can quickly lead to an even larger, more […]

Can Mice Eat Chocolate? Poison or Treat?

We all know dogs and cats shouldn’t eat chocolate, but what about mice?  If you have a mouse infestation, or perhaps just a pet mouse or two, you may be wondering if it’s safe or dangerous for them to eat chocolate.  Read this article to learn the facts and to […]

Best Way to Get Rid of Mice in Walls

Are you hearing scratching in the walls or are you going crazy? Could it really be that mice are in your walls and how can you sleep soundly at night with that happening? You need to first distinguish if what you are hearing are mice because they can wreak more […]