Author: David Brooks

Do Dogs Keep Mice Away?

It’s well established that cats are highly specialized in pest control—especially deterring and capturing rodents—but how does that help dog lovers and dog owners? If you think (or know) you have a mouse problem in your home and are more of a dog person than a cat person, the obvious […]

do mice like sugar

Do Mice Like Sugar? [..and how much!]

Mice are omnivores that eat almost anything, including sugary foods. Initially, mice are attracted by the smell of food which is why sugary food, aroma-rich meat, cheese and pet food are favorites of mice. Also, the diet of a mouse consists mostly of carbohydrates so a mouse is more likely […]

reuse mousetrap

Can Mouse Traps Be Reused?

You can reuse mouse traps when you can remove the caught mouse from the trap and clean the trap after. However, there is some discussion on whether the same trap stays as effective after it has already been used. Some claim that the familiar scent of other mice on the […]

how to use mouse poison

How to Catch a Mouse on a Glue trap

You can catch mice on glue traps by simply placing them around the house with the sticky side up in the areas where they are likely to scurry. However, glue traps don’t necessarily kill the pest so you need to dispose of the mouse in a humane way. Glue traps […]