Author: David Brooks

best humane mouse trap

Best Humane Mouse Traps [2021’s Top 7]

Catching mice can be a distressing experience, which is why more and more people are looking for humane traps. Poison and glue traps can cause a mouse a long and painful death, so humane methods of catching them are much more popular. Humane mouse traps Humane traps are often called […]

how are mice getting into your house

How Are Mice Getting into Your House?

Mice crawl into houses through the smallest cracks in the roof, walls, foundation or open doors and windows. They attracted to houses by warm temperatures, moist spaces and source of food and nesting materials. It can be hard to spot the exact place where mice enter the house from because […]

how to keep mice out of your car

How to Keep Mice Out of Your Car

To prevent mice from nesting in your car make sure that it doesn’t have crumbs or other accessible food nearby, receives plenty of light and doesn’t accumulate moisture. Also, seal off any openings that mice might enter through and don’t leave your car idle for too long. Though a rodent […]

do mice travel in pairs

Do Mice Travel in Pairs?

The saying that if you see one mouse that there are likely to be more is very true. House mice tend to live in groups and venture out to find food and nesting materials in pairs or larger groups. Mice are social creatures which is why they tend to live […]

which smells repel mice

Which Smells Repel Mice?

At least once in a lifetime, you have crossed your paths with a mouse. Now, you all know about some “inhuman” and natural ways of dealing with mice infestation, but what if I tell you that there are certain smells that will simply make mice run for its life? Yes, […]

can mice sense a cat in the house

Can Mice Sense a Cat in the House?

Mice have a unique sensory organ that helps them detect the scent of their enemies, including cats. This is why you are less likely to see a mouse when you have a cat in the house. However, just because you cannot see the mice does not mean that they are […]

how to get rid of mice in a garage

How To Get Rid Of Mice In Your Garage?

Having a mice infestation really is an annoying problem, even if it’s in your garage. It can compromise your health and even cause emotional difficulties. They create their nests inside of our walls, chewing their way through and in that way electrical wires as well. Like any other garage, you […]