How To Get Rid Of Mice In Your Garage?

how to get rid of mice in a garage

Having a mice infestation really is an annoying problem, even if it’s in your garage.

It can compromise your health and even cause emotional difficulties. They create their nests inside of our walls, chewing their way through and in that way electrical wires as well.

Like any other garage, you probably have a bunch of things that are waiting to be used somewhere in the future, and exactly those are the things that attract mice and are like Eden for these nasty creatures.

Anyway, there are simple ways of dealing with Mice in a garage, and you can probably even do it without hurting them. However, if the infestation has gone really bad, you might consider including an elimination tactic as well.

First of all, you need to know what mice like and fight them back with what they love.

Things That Help To Get Rid of Mice in a Garage

If you are truly determined to get rid of mice, you might consider some mouse repellent sprays, traps, cheese or peanut butter, or simply one big hungry cat. Also, you can go with ultrasonic mouse repellent, laundry detergent, hot paper sauce, or some harden sprayers.

Or you can simply declutter your garage because mice love to play hide and seek with you in dark corners. So, clean garage equals mice-free garage.

If you have some food sources in the garage, consider moving them to a different location.

Our Top Tips

Live Mousetraps and cheese

The first tip is the easiest one, and you can even see it in cartoons. Just put some cheese on live mousetraps and position them somewhere in your garage where you’d go if you were a mouse. Peanut butter can also do a pretty decent job.

Then, check your traps occasionally. If you find a mouse caught inside your trap, you can even liberate it to the fields, far from your garage.

Use mouse repellent spray

There is a good way, a good prevention way of keeping mice infestation away from your home and garage. You can use mouse repellent spray around your house or garage to keep them away from infesting your place.

If you are suspicious about using chemicals or mouse repellent, there are always more natural mixtures of effective solutions (the ones that mice hate). If you mix one-quarter cup of laundry detergent with a tablespoon of hot paper sauce in a gallon of water, you will have a perfect mixture of everything that mice hate.

Spray that mixture outside of your garage and make a natural barricade! It will work as any other purchased repellent and on the other side, it won’t hurt kids or pets.

Seal the holes!

Mice like holes, and if you find some in your garage, patching them will probably help. You can find a patching compound almost anywhere, or use wood plus caulk once you have cleared your garage from mice infestation in order to keep it that way.

Consider patching even the holes that are large ¼ inches in diameter. Mice can also squeeze through small openings, even smaller than they appeal to an eye.

Double Protection

If you want to ensure yourself with double protection, you can then set conventional mousetraps by placing traps under the shelves, in corners, along with window casings, and in the rafters. If there are any possible “access points”, you can place traps near those openings. Again, check your mousetraps daily to see if they are working and remove dead mice if they are.

Ultrasonic mouse repellents

For a more advanced and scientific solution, there are ultrasonic mouse repellents. These devices produce really annoying sound to mice, even though we don’t hear it, and that sound effectively deals with mice and prevents further infestation.

These repellents are completely safe for humans and extremely non-safe to mice!

There are some tricky methods, quite smart actually. If you have a cat, you can use it to determine an infestation.

Use a cat or cat litter

For this cause, you can use cat litter. As they got an advanced sense of smell, mice will smell the cat urine and avoid the area. If the idea of having to smell cat urine all the time bothers you, then you can always soak unused cat litter into peppermint oil.

And yes, you can put your cat inside the garage and let it chase them to death. However, you can even use some toy that’s your cat’s favorite, and just put it into your garage. Mice will feel the scent of a predator (as they have a perfect olfactory sense) and avoid it at all costs.


Furthermore, you can use mothballs as they are really good for keeping mice away. Place them preferably in some vented containers near the areas where you’ve found mice. You can even spread them everywhere in your yard or home exterior as well.

Cocoa powder and Plaster of Paris

There is one combination that you might like, and probably wouldn’t ever consider it as an effective.  It is a DIY solution, a mixture of cocoa powder and Plaster of Paris. Just mix it up and spread across your garage. A few tablespoons of cocoa powder will do the job. How does this work? Well, the cocoa will attract the mice and make them ingesting it along with Plaster of Paris.

Once they finish their “meal” they’ll leave to go drink water and die. This method is a bit drastic, as it kills mice by blocking their stomach system completely.

Use Onions

Onions are not just good against vampires, but mice as well. Jokes aside, strong smell substances are great against mice. Like anise, peppermint, and clove, onions do have a smell that not only annoys mice but keep them far away from your garage.

However, there is a downside to this “solution”. Onions are also toxic for pets (dogs and cats), so if you are having one, be sure to keep onions away. Also, you will have to throw it to trash every few days to avoid the unbearable smell.

Instant potato flakes

As odd as it may seem, instant potato flakes are quite effective against mice. When eaten by mice, instant potato flakes will swell up in their stomach and cause death. However, the downside of this method is being deadly for pets as well. If you have a pet, we recommend keeping it away from instant potato flakes as it may cause the same effect as it has on mice.

Dryer Sheets

Did you know that sheets are an alternative solution to mice infestations? It sounds really ridiculous, but mice don’t like the smell of it and will avoid the area at all costs. For extra results, you can combine peppermint oil with the dryer sheets.

Our Conclusion

Fighting mice infestation in a garage seems like an endless fight, but there are some pretty effective battle-ending methods. Some of them are natural, DIY solutions and some are just pesticides; some of them are life-ending while other methods are more human.

However, sometimes we have no choice, and we just want to get rid of them, no matter of how inhuman the treatment is. So, don’t pity them at all, because, sooner than you think, you will have them running all over your garage like it’s theirs.

Combine the methods mentioned above and try to deal with mice infestation the sooner, the better.

Hopefully, this article helped put an end to your never-ending mice war.

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